Laser Treatment for Wrist Pain Herndon

Wrist pain can be extremely uncomfortable, making it difficult to complete everyday tasks. The wrist is a complex joint that is made up of bones, ligaments, and tendons, and any type of injury or inflammation can cause pain. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common cause of wrist pain, and it occurs when there is pressure on the median nerve. This nerve runs through the carpal tunnel, a narrow passageway in the wrist, and the pressure can cause tingling, numbness, and weakness in the hand.

Arthritis is another common cause of wrist pain, and it can occur when the cartilage in the joint breaks down. Treatment for wrist pain depends on the underlying cause, but it may involve rest, ice, physical therapy, corticosteroid injections, and laser treatment for wrist pain Herndon. In severe cases, surgery may be necessary. Wrist pain can be extremely debilitating, so it is important to see a doctor if you are experiencing any symptoms.

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